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Contracts in tough times: Does COVID let me out of the contract and what exactly is a “force majeure” clause anyway?20200411171902
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  • Free Q&A: Wednesday, May 6
    11:00am - 11:45am Mountain Time

Managing contracts in tough times – what to do about early cancellations, breaches, and just what is a “force majeure” clause?


In this Q&A session, we’ll go over a short mini-lesson on contract law and get into these questions:

  • Does the law give people the right to back out of a contract because of the COVID situation?
  • What does your contract say about something like COVID? Does it have an “out” (e.g. a “force majeure” clause)?
  • If we don’t want to let each other out of the contract but need to pause it for a while, what do we do?

You can read our blog article here, too.

After that, we’ll open up the webinar to your questions – think of it as open office hours where you can get some general legal information. Please keep in mind that there will be others on the webinar, so be mindful about what confidential information you share. We very much look forward to having you join us!

Presenter: Greg Ramsay, Lawyer + Founder of Made It Legal