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We’re glad you’re here. Let us explain a few important things about legal advice and lawyer services.

Our self-serve legal document creation software service known as “Made It Legal” is made available to you on madeit.legal or through any other website owned, operated, or controlled by us (collectively, the “Site“). Please read this disclaimer (the “Disclaimer“) carefully. By using the Service (as defined below) or signing up for an Account (as defined below), you are agreeing to the Terms of Service and the contents of this Disclaimer.


Know the Difference between Legal Self-Help Services and Legal Advice & Lawyer Representation 


Legal self-help software tools are different from Lawyer Services.

We have two levels of offerings: (1) a self-serve legal document creation software service made available through the Site in which no legal advice is offered and no solicitor-client relationship is created (the “Service“); and (2) separate lawyer services offered through a Legal Retainer Agreement agreed to between you and us in which legal advice and representation may be given and a solicitor-client relationship created (“Lawyer Services“).


The Service is a software service that allows you to access self-help legal tools; it is not legal advice or lawyer representation.

Our Service gives you a software tool that helps you make your own legal documents. This includes all our self-directed legal document creation tools on the Site that allow you to create, upload, access, edit, share, and store documents you create through your Account (“Documents“). Our Service is designed and meant to be based on your own input and direction, not ours. Your Documents are created based on your own input and decisions. The Documents you create are not reviewed by a lawyer before or after you download them or otherwise access them through the Service. While we aim to provide high-quality tools, templates, and legal information for you, when using the Service we do not review any information you provide us for legal accuracy or sufficiency, make any legal conclusions, provide opinions about your selection of forms or documents or answers to any of the questions that guide you when creating Documents, or apply the law to the facts of your situation. We do not have a lawyer review the Documents you create on your own through our Service. Our Service is not a substitute for legal advice from a qualified lawyer licensed to practice in your jurisdiction. By using our Service, you agree and understand that you do not have a solicitor-client relationship (otherwise known as a lawyer-client relationship) with us. You represent yourself in any legal matter you undertake through our Service.


Getting legal advice through Made It Legal Lawyer Services and creating a solicitor-client relationship is subject to a Legal Retainer Agreement.

We are an Alberta law firm and offer Lawyer Services regarding Alberta legal matters when we agree to provide them in a standalone, separate legal retainer letter (a “Legal Retainer Agreement“) agreed to between you and us in which we state we will provide legal advice to you and agree to a solicitor-client relationship. Lawyer Services are not provided unless we enter into a Legal Retainer Agreement with you and are subject to the terms of the Legal Retainer Agreement. While we are happy to offer Lawyer Services when we enter into a Legal Retainer Agreement with you, we follow the rules set by the law societies of the provinces of Canada in which we offer our Lawyer Services. Those rules include directions on conflicts of interest and we generally cannot offer a Legal Retainer Agreement or Lawyer Services when there is a conflict of interest. An example of a conflict of interest is when we have a solicitor-client relationship with someone that has an adverse legal interest with you. Before we offer Lawyer Services to you, we will first make sure there are no conflicts of interest that would get in the way and follow the other rules set by the law societies of the provinces in which we operate. We are very happy to speak with you about a Legal Retainer Agreement and do not charge a fee to explain our Lawyer Services to you. We encourage you to write to us at hello@madeit.legal  to set up a time to talk more about our Lawyer Services.


More Information.

You can learn more through our Legal Advice Frequently Asked Questions and you can read the Terms of Service here.


How do I get Legal Advice and Lawyer Services?

We would be very happy to talk to you about our Lawyer Services and whether we can offer them to you. Get in touch with us or send us an email. We don’t charge anything to talk about what we do and if we can help you.