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Make your shareholders, investors, and business partners happy with clear agreements about how you’ll work together.

Unanimous Shareholder Agreement

A Unanimous Shareholder Agreement is an agreement among all the shareholders of a company. Think of it as the rule book for your business relationship – who gets to buy new shares in the company, how you’re allowed to sell your shares, what happens if someone goes bankrupt, how you’ll vote on   important business decisions, what you’ll do if the someone offers to buy the company or you want to sell the business, and more is all set out in your Unanimous Shareholder Agreement.

Joint Venture Agreement

Entrepreneurs and innovators love to work together, and some great business gets done when they do. You may not want to create a formal partnership right now, like you would with a new company or a formal legal partnership. A Joint Venture Agreement allows you to set up a project and work with another company, much like a partnership, without creating a whole new company.  We’ll outline your project, what each of you will do and be responsible for, how you will vote on major decisions, how money will go in and out of the venture, and other big deal points to keep your project and working relationship on the right track.

Subscription (Purchase) Agreement

Found someone that wants to buy into your business? Amazing, it’s a great way to build a team and finance your business. Your legal agreement for selling a piece of your business doesn’t have to be a headache. We’ll go over the key things to put into your agreement when someone buys into your business.

This agreement works for corporations and partnerships.

Letter of Intent

A Letter of Intent is “handshake” deal put down on paper, letting you write out your major deal points so you can move ahead – a description of the deal or project, what you will each get out of it, payments and other money matters, and other key points that will eventually go into a larger, binding agreement (like a Joint Venture Agreement or a services agreement). A Letter of Intent is not binding because it’s meant to only outline the deal, but there can be binding parts in it, like confidentiality promises. We’ll guide you through it.

Guarantor Contribution Agreement

You’d think that when several people guarantee a bank loan, lease, or some other obligation, the creditor would have to collect the fair share from each person if the company doesn’t pay the obligation. But that’s not how it works. The creditor can go after one or more of the people as it sees fit, usually going after the ones that actually have the money to pay. A Guarantor Contribution Agreement helps to solve that problem.

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