Buy or Sell a Service

If you’re a business providing services to others, a client hiring someone for their services, or a tech company providing software as a service (SaaS), these are the documents you may need.

Master Services Agreement

A Master Services Agreement is for businesses doing services for their clients on a project basis, with multiple phases needed to finish the project. For example, if the company is hired to build a website the first phase could be creating a user experience flow diagram and wire frames of the key pages. The second phase might be setting up a basic website on WordPress or Squarespace, and so on. If your project will be divided into a few parts or phases, this is the agreement for you. We’ll customize your document based on if you’re doing the work or hiring someone else to work for you.

Services / Consulting Agreement

A Services Agreement is for businesses doing services work for their clients. In this case, the services stay the same for the whole job rather than being divided into parts or phases. Sometimes this is also called a “Consulting Agreement”. We’ll customize your document based on if you’re doing the work or hiring someone else to work for you.

Statement of Work

A Statement of Work goes along with a Master Services Agreement. It’s where we put in what you’re going to do at each phase of your project. Starting a new phase or making a change? Write up a new Statement of Work and you’re set, keeping the rest of your Master Services Agreement in place.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Terms of Use

If you offer a software service to customers for a monthly or annual fee, you will need SaaS Terms of Use. This contract says what your software service does, what features your customer gets, how much they pay each month or year for access, how they’re allowed to use your software, any support services you’ll give, and how data and privacy matters will be handled.

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