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If you’re a service company or hiring someone to do some work for you, then you’ve come to the right spot.

A Services Agreement (sometimes also called a Consulting Agreement or Independent Contractor Agreement) is for businesses doing services for clients. Website designers, marketers, consultants, freelancers, and other service businesses use a Services Agreement for their work.

Make a clear agreement so you can focus on your work

A Services Agreement makes it clear what work is supposed to be done. If you’re doing the work, that makes sure you’re not doing more than you bargained for. If you’re hiring someone to do work for you, it makes sure you’re set up with the services you need for your business. We’ll cover all the basics, like scope of work and pay. We’ll also cover other important things, like insurance needs, non-competition and confidentiality, and how the agreement can end. Using a Services Agreement sets nice and clear expectations, keeping you on good terms.

Make your work stress-free

A Services Agreement protects you from liability by making you responsible only for things that are within your control. We’ll limit your liability in the ways you need it.

Keep your business property safe

You want to focus on doing a good job, you don’t want to worry about your business’s copyrights, property, branding, confidential information, or work being used in a way you don’t want. Your Services Agreement takes care of that.

Use a Master Services Agreement format if you're working on a project with a few different phases

Imagine your project is to create a website for your client. Phase 1 of the project could be creating a site map, wire framing the main pages, and setting up a basic site on WordPress. Phase 2 could be creating a user dashboard for managing accounts. Phase 3 might be introducing membership access to the site and rolling out new features. Each phase will have different tasks, services, and items you’re going to create or deliver for your client and even different prices.

The description of what will be done in each phase goes into a “Statement of Work”.  

Your Statement of Work is the blueprint for what you’ll take care of now. When the next phase comes along, you do up a new Statement of Work to describe what you’re going to do next. When you need a fresh new Statement of Work for your next phase, you can get one  here.

The rest of your agreement stays the same for every phase – these are your “master” terms. Do up a much shorter Statement of Work, attach it to your Master Services Agreement, and you’re ready to go.

With a Master Services Agreement, you don’t need to keep signing up a new contract each time you start a new phase of a project. When you start a new phase you begin with a new Statement of Work, which is much shorter than your full agreement. Your master terms apply to each Statement of Work, which is way more convenient than doing up a full-blown agreement each time.

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