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If you want to sell new shares in your corporation or units in your partnership to a new investor, use a Share Subscription Agreement.

Bring on a new shareholder or partner with a professional document.

A Subscription Agreement is a promise between a company or partnership and an investor to purchase newly issued shares (if a corporation) or partnership units (if the business is a formal legal partnership).

Shares and partnership units, along with other kinds of investments, are called “securities” in legal language. Beyond just the price to be paid for the investment, your Subscription Agreement will help you to stay within laws about selling securities to the general public.

When a person buys new securities in company, they’re called a “subscriber“. That’s why this agreement is called a Subscription Agreement.

Is this agreement for you?

If you’re a private company (not listed on a stock exchange), an investor looking to buy securities in a private company, or a private company buying into another private company, and the securities are new (never before issued) shares in a corporation or units in a partnership, this Subscription Agreement is meant for you.

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