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If you offer a software service that your customers access through your website for a monthly or annual fee, then you're in the right spot.

Rather than buying and installing software, software as a service (SaaS) companies give their customers access to software or an application online for a fee. Sound like you? Then you could use Software Terms of Service to set out how your users can use your software or app.

Spell out your pricing, payment schedules, features, and plans

Your Terms of Service is your contract with your customers. Simplified, we take your plans and pricing and make it into a tech-style customer contract that you can post right on your site. Your users accept your Terms of Service when they sign up with you.

We’ll spell out your plans and payment schedules. So if you’re offering an annual fee or monthly subscription, those are the kinds of details that go into your Terms of Service. Also, your rules about upgrading and downgrading plan tiers go in there too. We also put in all sorts of rules about having an account with you and other important customer terms and conditions into your Terms of Service.

The usual things that you would see in a customer contract also go into your Terms of Service. For example, clear rules about ending the subscription. Our guide will go over all these points with you when you make your document.

Make sure you're protected when it comes to data security, privacy, and liability

Your Terms of Service will set up your commitment to data security and privacy so everyone is clear about what you’re actually responsible for. We’ll also make sure your customer is giving you the promises you need about how they use your software in their business so you’re safe from liability.

Keep your business property safe

You’re giving access to your software service, not selling it. That should be obvious, but it’s not always the case. So why not make it clear? Your Terms of Service protects your property by making it clear you’re giving access to your software for a fee, but keeping all ownership rights over it. We’ll also make it clear that your customer isn’t allowed to modify the code and other features of the software.

Let's not forget the not-so-little details

There are also other very important things that go into your Terms of Service. One of them is limiting your liability. Another thing we take care of is how developers can use your software (for example, with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)). We also make sure you’re covered off for things like e-commerce payment terms and conditions (e.g. Stripe or PayPal). There’s a lot more, too. Our guide will walk you through it all.

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