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Tell your website visitors how their personal information will be collected and used with a well thought out Privacy Policy.

Privacy is global. Stay on top of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA).

The European Union made waves across the world with its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It applies to companies even if they’re not based in the EU.

As of January 1, 2020, the California Consumer Protection Act will be in force too.

Canada’s privacy laws are also globally focused. For example, our laws say you have to disclose when you store personal information across borders.

We’ll make sure your Privacy Policy is set up for today’s international privacy focus.

A Privacy Policy will give your visitors confidence and protects you, too.

Privacy is a big topic and it’s been in the news lately, a lot. Having a Privacy Policy protects you in some important ways. It lets people know what kind of information you collect about them and how you use it. Also, it tells people how you might share information with others. Laying that all out in your Privacy Policy protects you from claims you misused someone’s information.

Having a Privacy Policy also gives your visitors confidence about how you handle their information. Knowing that you will protect their credit card numbers, contact information, and other sensitive information makes you look trustworthy. Internet privacy laws are changing and getting stronger for website visitors, so an up to date Privacy Policy is quite important.

Your Privacy Policy needs to be right for your business.

Privacy is an individual thing, and so is your Privacy Policy. A company that sells products or services, lets people sign up for an account, or has an app or software service needs certain kinds of privacy notices in its policy. A company that does market research should have some careful wording about how it might sell or share information. If you’re running ads from other businesses on your site, that will change your Privacy Policy too. We’ll help you keep it all nice and sorted.

It's a high tech world, so let's make sure your Privacy Policy is up to date.

Website cookies, tracking technologies, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, it’s a high tech world. Privacy is one of the hottest topics right now (just ask the executives over at Facebook). We’ll make sure your Privacy Policy covers these topics if they’re a part of your business.

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