Protect Your Business From Liability

Business can be risky, but you can protect yourself. If you want to limit your liability and lessen the risk of being sued, then you’re in the right place.

Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability

If you’re a business that offers an experience to your customers – like rock climbing, axe throwing (seriously, it’s a lot of fun), kids play places, guided tours, and gyms – then you could really use an Assumption of Risk and Waiver of Liability. Outline the risks for your customer, get them to acknowledge they’re accepting those risks before they go ahead, and have them agree they are waiving your liability.

Release of Claims

When something wrong does happen, you could get threatened with a legal claim. For example, maybe someone got hurt at your business location or perhaps they weren’t happy with your work and are threatening to sue. It could also be something more simple, like you’ve settled a dispute and you’re wanting to make sure the matter is final and you can’t be sued. 

A Release of Claims is what we use when a person agrees to give up a legal claim they have (or think they have) against you.

Termination Letter & Release of Claims

Things don’t always work out with someone. If you need to let someone go, whether it’s with cause (e.g. firing someone because they did something wrong) or without cause (e.g. laying off someone because business is slow), you’ll have to formally tell them. You should also try to get a release of claims, which means they are giving up any rights to sue you because of the termination.

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