Termination of Employment & Release of Claims

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If you need to let an employee go, you'll want to use a Termination of Employment and Release of Claims.

Sometimes business gets tough. We all know what that’s like right now. Also, things don’t always work out with someone. If you need to let someone go without cause (e.g. laying off someone because business is slow or because they’re just not the right fit for your company), this is the right spot to be.

Whether you're the employer or the employee, make sure you have all the legal topics covered.

We’ll walk you through the formalities of ending an employment relationship. Whether you’re the employer company or the employee, you can create your document tailored to you. We’ll walk you through the notice of termination, notice periods, and severance amounts.

We’ll also go over employee benefits, bonuses, and any executive compensation programs you may have.

By the end of our Termination of Employment and Release of Claims, you’ll have a legal document you can use to professionally end the employment relationship and be protected.

Protect yourself with a Release of Claims.

It’s also a good idea to get a release of claims when the employment ends. A release says that one or both parties are giving up their legal claims against the other. Put another way, it’s an agreement to not sue someone. We’ll go through the steps of putting in a release of claims into your termination document.

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