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Made It Legal is run by a law firm and has a lawyer ready to give legal advice.

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We give a free first consultation of about 30 minutes to get to know you and the kind of advice you need.

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    We're really glad you're getting in touch about legal advice. Even though you may have an account with us (by the way, thanks for signing up!), it doesn't mean that we're in a lawyer-client relationship just yet. First we need to follow some important rules that law societies have before you can become a lawyer's client and we also need to sign up a Legal Retainer Agreement together. We'll go through all that with you before we're formally in a lawyer-client relationship.

    If we have not yet signed up a Legal Retainer Agreement with you to kick off a formal lawyer-client relationship together, please do not send any information that you or someone else would feel is confidential. Before you're officially a client, we can’t guarantee that your message will be protected from disclosure. For now, our legal advice and representation options are limited to Alberta legal matters, but we're happy to give you a referral if needed free of charge.

    Check out our FAQ if you'd like to learn more.

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Why use madeitlegal

Simple & EasyWith easy to follow guides and legal documents you can download right from our websites, we make legal simple and easy for you.
Law Firm ConfidentWhy get legal work from someone who isn't a lawyer? Made It Legal is a law firm, and that makes us different from other online legal sites. Be confident about your legal work.
Great ValueAs a business owner, you look for value - a fair price for great work that makes your life easier. We deliver that. Plus we take out the guesswork and let you know all our prices upfront.