Law is What We Do.

With over a decade of experience with large international law firms and public and private companies, extensive senior in-house legal leadership, and strategic advice for technology start-ups, Made It Legal brings exceptional legal advice to businesses, small or large.

Legal Tech + Lawyer Advice =
Faster, Less Expensive, Professional Legal Work.

We start with Made It Legal’s software technology, which allows you (and us) to make many legal documents online in just minutes. Then we add in lawyer advice and services when you need it. The result? Tech enabled legal work that costs less and takes less time, plus gives you all the benefits of professional lawyer advice.

Yes, We’re a Law Firm Too.
We Work for Businesses, Small or Large.

Made It Legal is a law firm with real lawyer services, and that makes us different from other online legal sites. When you need extra help from a lawyer, we’re right here for you. We have helped small businesses and large enterprises across many industries. So reach out, we’re happy to talk.
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Exceptional Experience,
Business Law is What We Do.

With experience from large international law firms and senior in-house lawyer roles with large multinational organizations, we know business law inside and out. Here’s what we do.

We draft contracts for most anything.

Whatever the contract you’re needing, chances are very good that we can write it for you. We can also review your existing contracts or an agreement you’ve been asked to sign. If you’ve used the Made It Legal platform to write a contract and need to make some special modifications, we can do that too. If you need a lawyer for some help with a contract, we’re happy to hear from you.

Privacy and data use compliance.

Privacy law is one of the hottest legal areas right now. From the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU to California’s proposed new privacy laws, the privacy world keeps on changing. We help our clients to create external and internal policies to keep them onside privacy and data use laws and regulations.

Buying or selling a business.

We are experienced in all the legal aspects of simple and complex purchase and sales of a business or assets, including cross border transactions involving Canadian and United States companies – from drafting a letter of intent, to negotiating and executing a share purchase agreement or asset purchase agreement, to structuring the deal to meet financial and tax planning needs, Made It Legal can help.

Joint ventures and partnerships.

To grow in strategic ways, businesses often need to partner on projects. There are many considerations that will come up, such as deal structure (e.g. creating a formal partnership entity or a contractual joint venture), guarantees of the joint venture debt by the partners, and the voting dynamics for the parties coming into the picture, just to name a few. Our experience includes advising clients on all these topics, participating in negotiations, and drafting the documents to create the joint venture or partnership.

Bank and debt financing.

Negotiating a bank loan or credit facility for your business that gives you the borrowing flexibility you need, and on terms and conditions that won’t handcuff you, is a complicated task.

You need to manage guarantees, promises to not take on more debt or making payments to others, reporting obligations, and many other promises. You also need to ensure your letter of credit and other sub-facilities match the way you do business. You may even have to learn what all those terms even mean.

You need a lawyer that understands how the legal agreement impacts the business outcomes. Made It Legal works side by side with businesses and their advisors to strike the right balance in bank lending agreements.

Due diligence.

When you’re buying a business, selling your own business, or completing a transaction such as bank financing, you’ll run into “due diligence”, which means you open up the books and take a good, hard look at the business. Fewer things are more of an internal headache for business people than completing due diligence. But, with the right process in place, diligence work can be done efficiently. We help our clients with managing due diligence request lists, working with internal teams on what documents and materials you need to disclose, and creating online data rooms to share files and information.

Company policies.

Having understandable, workable internal policies is a big task. Businesses struggle with writing company policies that work for all the many business groups within their company. Codes of Conduct, Information Systems Acceptable Use Policies, and Privacy Policies are just some of the internal policies that businesses need to create and manage. Made It Legal can work with you on all your internal policies to keep you nicely in order.

Corporate set up and managing investors.

Made It Legal has extensive experience in creating corporate structures, including corporations and general or limited partnerships. We even work closely with your accountants and tax advisors to create the parent, holding, and subsidiary companies structure that’s right for you.

We can also help you with bringing on new investors, setting up your board of directors, and keeping your legal and investor records up to date.

General business and corporate law.

Business law is our focus, so if you have a general business or corporate law question or just want to get a little direction to help you out, we would be happy to talk with you.
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Frequently Asked Questions

When I make a document online through Made It Legal, am I getting legal advice?

No, making a legal document online with us is not legal advice. To get legal advice, you’ll need to talk to an actual human lawyer.

Our create-a-legal-document platform asks you questions to get to know your business and what should go into your contract. It then takes your answers (the content you give us) to make a  legal document for you that you can download and use through your account.

That’s why you can get your document instantly – it’s done through a software service rather than being written and reviewed by a human lawyer. If we could find human lawyers that could write and review a contract instantly like that, we’d be superheros (or robots).

See our Terms of Service for more details.

If I have an account with Made It Legal, does that mean I’m automatically represented by a lawyer?

No, you’re not automatically represented by a lawyer when you sign up for an account with Made It Legal.

How do I get legal advice from Made It Legal?

Made It Legal is run by a law firm and has a lawyer ready to give legal advice. We offer legal advice when we sign you up on what’s called a Legal Retainer Agreement. When we do that, you officially become a client with a lawyer and have legal representation and can get advice.

All lawyers must follow some rules when we take on clients. The rules are made by the Law Societies of the provinces in Canada. They’re important rules and Made It Legal follows them. For example, before we take on a client, we need to make sure we haven’t helped someone else that has a claim against you because that would be a conflict of interest. So, we’ll check on that and other things when you get in touch with us about legal advice. Don’t be afraid to send us a note to ask questions about becoming a Made It Legal client, we don’t charge to answer them.

To talk with us about getting legal advice, you can send us a message here or email us at

Is legal advice through Made It Legal available to anyone?

Right now, our lawyer legal advice services are only available in Alberta. But, we’re expanding! Our vision is to bring legal advice across all of Canada. In the meantime, check out our create-a-legal document platform.