Make customized contracts and business legal docs online. Need more help? We’re lawyers too.*

How Would You Like to Save $2,771?

We combine online document creation and legal automation with real human lawyer services. 

Let’s look at an example. Say you want a contract for your business and it would take a lawyer 10 hours to write it. At an hourly rate of $350/hour, that would normally cost you $3,500.

With Made It Legal, you can make that same contract online for just $29.

Now let’s say the other person signing the contract wants some changes and you decide you need a lawyer. You get in touch with a charming Made It Legal lawyer that’s more than happy to help out.*

After talking, your Made It Legal lawyer lets you know we need about 2 hours to make the changes to your contract. At $350/hour, that’s about $700.

So now, your total cost with Made It Legal is $729 vs. $3,500 for a total savings of $2,771.*

* Legal advice and lawyer services are subject to conditions and availability in your province, this example is for illustrative purposes only, and online legal automation tools on Made It Legal are not legal advice (you can’t be surprised about a disclaimer on a legal site, right?). You’re welcome to check out our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more.

Legal Headaches,
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Getting your legal work done will take minutes, not weeks.

Answer a few questions and watch your contract or legal document come to life in real time right on your screen.


Easily make contracts and business legal documents online, customized just how you need for your business. 

Our guides, videos, and help tips walk you through all the decisions so you get a contract made just for you. No guesswork, you’ll understand what’s going into your contract.


Conveniently edit, download, and share your documents right from your account. 

We don’t want to brag (too much), but we actually made legal work convenient. You can manage all your legal work in one place, right from your Made It Legal account.


Starting from just $29, you’ll actually be happy about what you spend on legal work.

Make a single document for $29 or sign up for an unlimited plan for just $39/month.


Our own lawyers even use these documents.
(and they have very high standards!)

Our legal document templates are designed to be excellent in quality. From simple to very complex documents, our legal templates are trusted by our own lawyers when we work with clients one-on-one.


We’re lawyers too.* Need to customize even more? We can help with that. 

Maybe the other party to your contract needs some changes you’re not sure about. Maybe you need full legal advice and help from a lawyer. We’re also lawyers and can give legal advice – and that makes us different from other online legal websites.

With over a decade of experience with large international law firms and companies, extensive senior in-house legal leadership, and strategic advice for technology start-ups, Made It Legal brings exceptional legal advice to businesses, small or large.

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