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Protect your business and inform your customers and website visitors with a well thought out Cookies Policy.

Cookies are at the center of privacy laws around the world. You need a Cookies Policy to meet their requirements.

Saying how you use cookies, and how your website visitors and customers can opt out of them, is an important part of privacy laws around the world. The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has rules about it. So does the California Consumer Protection Act. Canada’s laws also cover the personal information you collect and use through cookies.

We’ll make sure your Cookies Policy is set up for today’s international privacy focus.

A Cookies Policy will give your visitors confidence and protects you, too.

Cookies have gotten a bad name lately. We can all relate, no one likes to be tracked and seeing ads pop up everywhere after you search for something online can feel, well, a little creepy.

But cookies also do very important things that make the Internet and websites run the way we need them to. For example, cookies allows a website to authenticate you and let you login to see your account.

A Cookies Policy will protect your business by giving legal disclosures required by privacy laws. Also, it tells people how you might collect and use information about them through cookies. Laying that all out in your Cookies Policy protects you from claims you misused cookies. Having a Cookies Policy also gives your visitors confidence about how you handle their information.

Your Cookies Policy needs to be right for your business.

Privacy is an individual thing, and so is your Cookies Policy. You may use cookies to make your website function properly, like for authentication or to save items in a shopping cart. You may also use them to track the performance of your ads. Some businesses use them for third-party ads too, or to let the software of another company run on their platform.

There are many ways to use cookies and your Cookies Policy should be written for your business. When you create your Cookies Policy, we’ll walk you through what to include in your policy to make it unique to your business.

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