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Frequently Asked Questions

These may not be answers to life’s most pressing questions, but they’re pretty close. Plus they’re important to you, so that makes them important to us.

When I make a document online through Made It Legal, am I getting legal advice?

The short answer is, no. Our create-a-legal-document platform helps you make high-quality legal documents that are tailored to your business. The website asks you questions to get to know your business and what should go into your contract. It then takes your answers (the content you give us) and anything else you tell it to make a tailored legal document for you that you can download and use through your account. That’s why you can get your document instantly – it’s done through a software service rather than being written and reviewed by a human lawyer. If we could find human lawyers that could write and review a contract instantly like that, we’d be robots. So, until an AI goes to law school and becomes a lawyer, our create-a-legal-document platform is not legal advice.


Could an artificial intelligence (AI) become a lawyer?

It will happen one day, and we can only hope human lawyer jokes get replaced with ones about AI lawyers. For example, “did you know AI lawyers even charge you for answering your Google Assistant?”


Are the documents I get from Made It Legal’s create-a-legal-document platform on the website developed by lawyers?

Yes, they are. Our lawyers create our document products, which is why we want you to feel good about using our website, and then our software takes your answers and content to adapt the document to you.


If I have an account with Made It Legal, does that mean I’m automatically represented by a lawyer? How do I get legal advice from Made It Legal?

Made It Legal is run by a law firm and has a lawyer ready to give legal advice. We offer legal advice when we sign you up on what’s called a Legal Retainer Agreement. When we do that, you officially become a client with a lawyer and have legal representation and can get advice. To talk with us about getting legal advice, you can send us a message here or email us at


Is legal advice through Made It Legal available to anyone?

All lawyers must follow some rules when we take on clients. The rules are made by the Law Societies of the provinces in Canada. They’re important rules and Made It Legal follows them. For example, before we take on a client, we need to make sure we haven’t helped someone else that has a claim against you because that would be a conflict of interest. So, we’ll check on that and other things when you get in touch with us about legal advice. Don’t be afraid to send us a note to ask questions about becoming a Made It Legal client, we don’t charge to answer them.


Can I use Made It Legal across Canada?

Our create-a-legal-document platform that allows you to make contracts and other documents on your own can be used across Canada, except for Quebec at the moment (s’il-vous-plaît pardonnez-nous). Our legal advice services are offered just for Alberta legal matters right now, but we’ll be coming to other provinces soon.


But why can’t Quebec get some Made It Legal love?

We love Quebec! Our friends in Quebec have a different kind of legal system (history lesson here – the Quebec legal system is based on France’s civil code legal tradition) and we haven’t yet developed our create-a-legal-document platform for Quebec documents. We will though and are very much looking forward to coming to Quebec.


If you have other questions, get in touch with us at We’d be happy to hear from you.