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Buy Sell Service Icon
Buying or Selling ServicesIf you're doing services for others, hiring someone else for their services, or providing Software as a Service (SaaS), this is the place.
Buy Sell Goods icon
Buying or Selling Products & AssetsIf you’re buying or selling products, or if you’re buying or selling assets, these are the documents you may need.
Hire Employees icon
Working With PeopleHiring an Employee or Independent Contractor? This is where to start with contracts, stock option and equity award plans, and more.
Protect your ideas icon
Protecting Your Ideas & InformationYour ideas and confidential information can be some of your most important assets. Want to see how you can protect them?
Protect business liability icon
Protecting Yourself From LiabilityBusiness can be risky, but you can protect yourself. Limit your liability and lessen the risk of being sued with waivers, releases, and more.
Website Legal icon
Making Your Website LegalThere's a whole lot of legal in a website - terms of use, privacy policies, data use consent, email spam rules, and more.
Start Business
Start Up Your BusinessStarting your business is an exciting time. We'll help you focus on the excitement by taking care of the legal documents. Find out what type of business is right for you and get started.
Financing Your BusinessFinancing your company is good for business. Especially when it comes to finances though, you will want some good legal documents. Find shareholder loans, guarantees, and more here.
Manage Shareholders Partners
Making Business PartnershipsIf you're adding a shareholder to your company, collaborating on a project, or even creating a formal legal partnership, this is where to look for the documents you need to start working as business partners.

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Step 3: Download and use your document, instantly. You can even edit, copy, print, and share it from your account.You can get your contract or document anytime through your account and you can even edit, copy, save, print, and share it.
Step 4: After you're done, if you need more help Made It Legal is here for you.Made It Legal is run by a law firm. If you need more help, we're just a call or click away. Lawyer advice is currently available for our Alberta customers (more coming soon).
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